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Text Therapy is a form of digital therapy which may suit you

What is Text Therapy?

Text therapy is a form of online counselling using a text app on your mobile phone to communicate your thoughts and feelings. It can be useful to offload, and take time to refelct on something with a professional counsellor.

Each appointment is booked at a time and date convenient to us both and lasts 70 minutes.

What are the reasons for text therapy?

  • You may not be able to attend a regular face to face or online session
  • You may be on holiday or away on a work trip
  • You may not feel confident enough to meet someone face to face and prefer communication by text

Benefits of Therapy?

  • It can be useful to have a written record of what has been discussed so you can reflect on the content anytime.
  • It can be beneficial to speak to someone using a method of communication that you find comfortable and convenient.
  • Writing your thoughts, feeling and emotions down can be helpful. 
  • Some people find writing useful to shift perspective and highlight areas of focus.

Limitations of text therapy

  • It can be more difficult to explore deeper context and situations. Although some find it very useful.
  • Some people find it harder to connect with their therapist this way, but others find it suited to their current needs.

How to access text therapy

Text therapy can be accessed by people from 14 years of age who have completed the initial consultation and agreed a contract with me.

I request that our initial session is face to face, either online, or in person. In this assessment session we will discuss suitability and complete the relevant paperwork. This includes a contract, information sheet and an assessment to identify your current needs. 

You can email me or text to request for a free 20-minute consultation and we can discuss the process within the sessions.

…Find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.

B.K.S Iyengar

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