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My Self-Belief Journal

For tweens, teens and even adults!

Self Belief Journal

I created this journal to help you process your thoughts, feelings and experiences so that you can feel more confident, content and calm. It can be used by tweens, teens and adults!

This journal will help you:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • feel better connected with yourself
  • cope better with difficult experiences
  • have better relationships
  • improve mood
  • be kinder to yourself

Have you tried journaling before but you are not sure what to write or where to start? You may not have enough time to sit and write pages but need a quick and easy way to offload. This journal is quick, easy and has images and prompts throughout so is suitable for young people and adults.

Some examples of when to use it would be if you:

  • have had a difficult day
  • feel low, stressed or anxious
  • are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know why
  • feel confused about something
  • feel alone or unable to cope

When you offer yourself understanding and compassion, you will start to realise that all your feelings are valid, you may find that things don’t build up and you have some room for self-kindness, and things will start to feel a little lighter. You may even have room in your life to start a new skill, hobby, interest or project.

Learn to value yourself so that you can ask the same of others.

Kids Self-Belief Calendar

For children ages 3-12 years

How Do You Feel Today? Self-Belief Calendar + Stickers!

For Kids ages 3-12 years!

This A3 spiral bound calendar is designed to help your child:

  • Understand their feelings
  • Understand what will help them feel more comfortable
  • Talk about their feelings
  • Feel resilient and better able to cope
  • Accept themselves
  • Feel happier and more confident

How Do You Feel Today Kids Self-Belief Calendar has been created as a fun and uplifting daily activity for you and your child to connect and talk about feelings. Talking about feelings helps you and your child connect and understand each other better so that you both feel closer and calmer. Understanding emotions helps your child to develop emotional intelligence, empathy, compassion and resilience.

Every evening you can take 5-10 minutes together to talk about the ups and downs of the day. Having the opportunity to talk about what went well and what didn’t go so well, provides moments for learning and understanding. There are stickers to represent different feelings which your child can select to show how they felt at certain moments during the day. There are also stickers to help your child match their feeling with something that will help them feel more comfortable.

You can start this calendar at any point during the year!