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Supporting counsellors set up, build and grow a successful private practice

Do you want to run a successful, private counselling practice?

5 actions that will take your private practice from struggle to success! Serve more clients, reduce burnout and feel personally, professionally, and financially rewarded

Actionable to-do list of all the essentials to start your ethical and successful business

Who is Rising Counsellors for?

Counsellors who want to set up and run their own private practice in a way that works for them personally, professionally and financially.

If you are a counsellor or psychotherapist thinking about starting up, building up or growing your private practice, join me and we can work together to make the most amazing things happen!

Whether you want to work face to face, online, or in nature, with adults, children or young people I can support you to set up your practice in the way that works for you. If you want to deliver your expertise and support by sessional work, courses, e-books or groups I can help. If you want to work part time or full time I can help you make it work for you.

Mindset and strategy coaching can empower you to make positive, forward-thinking steps in your private practice. I can work with you one to one, or through group courses and soon I will be launching the Rising Counsellors Membership in early 2021.

Join me if you would like to:

  • serve and support more clients
  • earn more and earn smarter
  • attract your ideal clients
  • be more visible
  • find your niche
  • feel more confident at what you do
  • run your practice the way you want to
  • be authentic and confident
  • have support with the practical aspects of setting up in private practice
  • have a more comfortable work/life balance

Rising Counsellors can help if you are:

– in training, or a newly qualified counsellor wanting to set up your own private practice, and feel unsure or unconfident where to start

– an experienced counsellor feeling confident in your role, but don’t know where to start, or would like support with setting up private practice

– already run your own private practice but want to grow and evolve your business to be even more successful

For further information, see services below, and if you are interested in hearing more about how I can support you and your business, please contact me, or book a free 20 minute consultation, discovery session or course.


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What services are available to support cousellors wanting to be successful in private practice? See below 🙂

Free Community

Join us at our free Rising Counsellors facebook group. We are a friendly and supportive bunch and can’t wait to meet you. There is loads of lovely support here. This group is for counsellors:

  • thinking about setting up in Private Practice and want to learn
  • Ready to set up and need some support
  • Would like to streamline, develop or grow your practice
  • Meet other Counsellors and have the benefit of peer support
  • Receive information about developing private practice


Join a private online facebook group of successful and motivated counsellors. The aim is to learn, share and empower. There will be:

  • Weekly live sessions
  • CPD
  • Meditations
  • Expert guest speakers
  • Weekly accountability
  • Immense peer support!

1:1 and Group Coaching

Contact me to find out more and book a free intial consultation or Discovery Session.

Alternatively book onto the 8 week Complete Set up and Go Course. We cover a topic each week and follow up with an accountibility call at the end of the week to make sure you are reaching your goals. Be business, client and mindset ready in 8 weeks!

  • Discover and attract your ideal client
  • Structure and Strategy
  • Income and Finances
  • Marketing and being visible (Website, Directory, Social Media)
  • Networking and Support
  • Paperwork and admin
  • Launching!

Why Rising Counsellors?

I have been running a successful and busy private practice since 2013. Along the way, I have met many counsellors feeling undervalued, working in low paid jobs, or working for free as volunteers. Many counsellors feel unsure or unconfident about how to set up their own business, some don’t even know where to start. So, I decided to set up Rising Counsellors to provide coaching, guidance and support to my fellow colleagues.

Counselling training courses do not currently teach us about the business side. We can support each other and make counselling accessible, visible and be one of the places people want to access to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

I believe Rising Counsellors will raise the profile of counsellors in private practice by improving visibility, accessibility and reputation. My mission is to empower counsellors to move their business towards success. If your goal is to serve more clients by doing the job that you love, and want to ensure you earn a decent living, you are in the right place.

The counselling profession has finally become an acceptable service for people to access if they would like to explore and process challenging experiences. There are many people out there still unaware of the benefits and there is still a stigma attached. Often people rely on free provision, even if they can afford to pay for it privately. We counsellors need to work together and support each other to build our reputation as an ethical and effective service for all to access. Collectively counsellors can make a difference to people’s lives. We can find ways to help more people and not burn out trying to earn a living doing the job we love!

My Story

In 2005 I graduated in Psychology from Manchester University. Some personal growth needed to happen before I fulfilled my teenage dream of becoming a counsellor. I lived the dream and in my early twenties I went travelling to India, South East Asia, Australia and America for a year before I came back and found work as a PA in a healthcare company.

I loved my PA job, although I knew it wasn’t my dream role, I loved organising and building business knowledge. I was then made redundant. Well this was a blow at the time but paved the way for many more opportunities, one of which was fulfilling my dream role. I applied for a Master’s in Counselling and Psychotherapy and I got in!! Yes!!!!

Meanwhile, I worked as a manager for NHS IAPT Psychological Therapies Service which I enjoyed immensly. With my skills, knowledge and training I knew that I would set up my own private practice as soon as I qualified. At first I worked part time whilst trying to build my caseload, it was so hard to find the courage to jump in the deep end and I was finding my way slowly but surely.

I worked with a wonderful Supervisor who helped guide me, but I didn’t want to take all of my supervision time up with private practice business strategy. If only I knew of a service like Rising Counsellors back then! It wouldn’t have taken so long, and I might have felt confident enough to go all in!

Since then I have developed personally, professionally, become a proud and adoring mum, and have been running a busy and successful practice since 2013. I finally went ‘ALL IN’ in 2017. Now I want to share my knowledge and experience and empower other counsellors to reach their dream, whilst improving the reputation and accessibility of counselling.

Join me! Together, let us rise up as counsellors and be the change that you want to see!

Alison has been amazing at helping me set up my own private practice. I wouldn’t have known where to start without her. She gave me the confidence to jump into private practice, that I wouldn’t have had on my own. She’s extremely kind and helpful, can’t thank her enough!

Amy – CYP Counsellor

Let’s make something amazing together.