Parenting Support

I would like to offer a safe and supportive space for you to share your parenting hair pulling moments. This space is for any challenging moments with your children that you would like to reflect on, to gain a better understanding and maybe find a different way to manage the situation. Please join me, andContinue reading “Parenting Support”

The Beginnings of Shame

Guilt – I’m sorry, I made a mistake. Shame – I’m sorry, I am a mistake. We experience comments during our childhood that can stick with us for the rest of our lives. Parents, peers, teachers or other elders say things like, ‘if you do that people will think your odd/stupid/weird’, ‘go and stand overContinue reading “The Beginnings of Shame”

Feeling Balanced

Make some small, manageable changes every day to improve how to feel about yourself.  These are 8 innate needs we can nurture to help us feel emotionally healthy. Writing things down in a journal is a great way to document how you feel and keep a log of your feelings. Try writing down what makesContinue reading “Feeling Balanced”

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