Free Spirits

Drink less, live more!

It’s like weight watchers but for alcohol


Similar to over-eating, over-drinking is a very common problem. It’s easy to get stuck in the habit of consuming too much alcohol, too often. Unfortunately, the stigma around drinking problems prevent many people seeking help. Our aim at Free Spirits is to de-stigmatise drinking problems and make support more accessible, so people can find help before it’s too late.

Membership Club

Membership includes an abundance of resources, weekly lives, private groups, daily support and awesome socials.

Coaching and Counselling Packages

Personalised coaching/counselling packeges to suit your individual needs

Retreats and Socials

For our members: Camping, yoga retreats, walking groups, nature therapy, adventure and joy through connections with like minded people.

Through private individual sessions, our online community, social get togethers and awesome retreats we aim to:

  • Empower people to break free from negative habits and cycles
  • Support people to work through the issues underlying their problem
  • Identify and re-frame unhelpful belief structures
  • Highlight strengths, build direction and plan for the future
  • Learn healthy coping mechanisms
  • Build authentic connections through community
  • Develop healthy routines and life style choices
  • Help people recover their authentic self