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I offer a confidential and safe space for you to talk about anything you need to.

Options to suit you

Once you have completed your free online consultation and have we have decided that counselling is suitable, you can book your first session.

Choose from Online Counselling or Nature Therapy. Details of these options are available by clicking the links below. Please feel free to Contact me for further information, or to book your free 20 minute consultation. I will work closely with you to personalise your counselling experience.

Counselling can help if you:

  • have low self-esteem, put yourself down or hate yourself
  • struggle to feel confident and content
  • have a physical or mental health diagnosis you’d like support with
  • have anxieties or intrusive thoughts
  • have experienced something that feels too difficult to think about, such as loss or trauma
  • have overwhelming, low moments
  • feel shame, anger, regret, sadness and/or resentment more than other more positive emotions
  • use unhealthy/uncomfortable coping strategies to help you forget, cope or gain control only to achieve the opposite effect (excessive alcohol, controlled eating, cutting, scratching, hair pulling, obsessive tendencies – anything that is harming you)

Online Counselling

This can take place by voice, video, chat or email. Find out more about online counselling to see which is the right option for you.

Nature Therapy

Taking place in local areas of natural beauty, the stunning Staffordshire Moorlands or the Peak District, you can choose either individual or group therapy sessions.

Common First-time Nerves

It’s common to feel nervous about coming to your first session. This is why I offer a free 20 minute consultation for you to see if you would feel comfortable sharing with me. 

Rest Assured

You may feel like you don’t know where to start. Most people feel like this. I will help you through this, there is no right or wrong way. Please visit the FAQ page for some tips for the first-time clients.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for all your support and the work you’ve done with me over the last few months. It’s made a massive difference to me and I really appreciate it.


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