The Self-Belief Project

I created The Self-Belief Project in 2020. The group is based on facebook and offers parents tips, resources, activities and support to boost self-belief and confidence in their children, of all ages. The group aims to support parents to create opportunities for open hearted communication, so their family feels calmer, closer and more connected withContinue reading “The Self-Belief Project”

The Beginnings of Shame

Guilt – I’m sorry, I made a mistake. Shame – I’m sorry, I am a mistake. We experience comments during our childhood that can stick with us for the rest of our lives. Parents, peers, teachers or other elders say things like, ‘if you do that people will think your odd/stupid/weird’, ‘go and stand overContinue reading “The Beginnings of Shame”

My New Venture and Partnership!

I’m teaming up with a great friend of mine who I have known since 2003! We are launching Free Spirits for people who would like to feel more in control of their drinking, or would like to ditch it completely. You can do this with the support of Free Spirits, whilst having fun and meeting like mindedContinue reading “My New Venture and Partnership!”

Good days, bad days, be kind to yourself.

Notice your thoughts and offer yourself kindness and compassion. Your feelings are valid. I have had many dark times in my life, until I learned to be kinder to myself it could be really debilitating. Now I’m kind to myself, dark times pass through and I can ask for the support I need from myselfContinue reading “Good days, bad days, be kind to yourself.”