My New Venture and Partnership!

I’m teaming up with a great friend of mine who I have known since 2003! We are launching Free Spirits for people who would like to feel more in control of their drinking, or would like to ditch it completely.

You can do this with the support of Free Spirits, whilst having fun and meeting like minded people! 

Almost everyone has been affected by alcohol in some way. Relentless hangovers filled with anxiety or shame, blackouts, not knowing when to stop, drunken injuries, close shaves, feeling like you can’t meet socially without a drink, or even dependency. 

Counselling can help if you:

  • drink to forget, cope or gain control only to achieve the opposite effect
  • have low self esteem, put yourself down or hate yourself
  • struggle to feel confident and content
  • have anxieties or intrusive thoughts
  • have experienced something that feels too difficult to think about, such as loss or trauma
  • have overwhelming, low moments
  • feel shame, anger, regret, sadness and/or resentment more than other more positive emotions

We offer coaching, counselling, courses, socials, retreats and more! We will not judge and we will personalise your package to your needs. You’ll find more details on our Facebook page and website. Check us out HERE or send an email on

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I am a MBACP registered, ACTO approved Online Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor.

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